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Oscar Athletes: Ballgowns for the Ballers

If you watched last night’s 84th Annual Academy Awards, you know these Oscar Athletes made sure style didn’t go unrecognized. Yes, my readers, ballgowns are not just for the Hollywood celebrities. Athletica and A-Lister alike: all dressed up and somewhere to go. In this case, it was the Vanity Fair After-Oscar party. Now, I always thought this party was for those who didn’t snag an invite to the main event. On the contrary, statue-holders and statue-ladies all swarmed to this A-bar for garb and gossip.

First things first: who knew that Tim Tebow was the life of the party? Not exactly by-the-bible, but because he’s such a sweetheart, we will let it fly.

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Tim Tebow and Amy Adams

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It’s a Tebow-Tennis-Club! Tim, sandwiched by Serena Williams (yellow) and Venus Williams (raspberry). Both girls look quite lovely.

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Tim Tebow, Jon Hamm and a whole lot of love.

On another note: shout out to Sean P. Diddy Combs for supporting the Oscar-winning documentary “Undefeated.” Now, we know P. Diddy isn’t technically a pro-athlete, but Undefeated is heard to be a tear-jerking Football docu.

P. Diddy says that he cried “four times.” Nothing like a rapper with a soul.

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Okay, fine, so I’m officially obsessed. But nothing says haute like this athlete-designer duo. (David and Victoria Beckham)

Lastly, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I have cleverly evaded the topic of NBA All-Star Weekend. Truth be told, the event was an absolute bore.

Skills Test: Kyrie Irving didn’t shrug a shoulder or grimace at the fact that he totally blew the skills competition. It’s like the event never happened for him at all, especially after it took him every ball in the basket to knock down a shot.

Three-Point Contest: Alan Houston, you’re truly an incredible B-balller. Everyone else, nobody noticed you even stood at the 3-point line.

All-Star Game: East vs. West was really a “Who Cares Less” run-around. After Lebron gave up the winning shot for a failed pass and turnover, I think everyone realized they had just wasted three hours of their day.

Dunk Contest: I’ll be posting a story I wrote last year about this fine version of American competition. There’s nothing to be said about this year’s comp. Agreed?