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Beyonce and Jay-Z, The Sweetest Style

I know I am a couple days late on this shot, but could Beyonce and Jay-Z could any cuter? Jay-Z, part owner of the NBA New Jersey Nets, took recent Mommy and wife Beyonce to the Knicks – Nets game. The Blue Ivy Carter Baby-momma had a little bit of pregnant leftover chub, but that’s okay. Just because she is 1) gorgeous and 2) the epitome of awesome, we don’t care at all.

Also, props to the two of them for totally dressing and acting laid back and cool.

ccb74 beyonce jayz linsanity Beyonce and Jay Z, The Sweetest Style

To be honest: I simply can’t stand seeing absurd superstars, sitting court side, all jazzed up. Beyonce and Jay-Z both nailed down the right swag for the big game.

Beyonce: Rag & Bone tuxedo jacket; Christian Louboutin pumps and to top it off: nOir Brooklyn Bridge two-finger ring. It’s like she’s been waiting for this game to wear that ring.

Beyonce Jay Z Knicks Game Jeremy Lin Pictures 300x300 Beyonce and Jay Z, The Sweetest Style

Though, I can’t decide which bothers me more: B’s 5-inchers, or Z’s Tims. What are your thoughts?