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Wisconsin Nebraska Uniforms: Ugly game, ugly garb?

Despite the surge in distaste for the new Big 10 uniforms at the kick-off of conference play, we’re finding the Wisconsin Nebraska uniforms absolutely awesome.


ncf o wisc bl 400 Wisconsin Nebraska Uniforms: Ugly game, ugly garb?

While many of you have probably used the following adjectives to describe the uniform:

  • Weak
  • Lame
  • Amateur
  • Outdated/ Antiquated
  • Team “W”

…we’re digging the Addidas retro vibe and modern numerical blocking. None the less, it’s a trend. College football is not about the fancy-schmancy uniforms and million-dollar-salary (well, not yet, at least). It’s about the sport.

Team W versus Team N. All there is to it.

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Lil’ Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil’ Wayne

2012 NBA Finals



Dr. Dre


Following the recent controversy over rapper Lil Wayne’s denied entry to Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the OKC Thunder and San Antonio Spurs in Oklahoma City (, Weezy was spotted at Game 1 of the Finals, undoubtedly supporting the Miami Heat.

lil wayne game 1 finals 199x300 Lil Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil' Wayne at Game 1 of the Finals

Lil’ Wayne rocked a clean pair of orange and black Nike Dunk High’s and his usual assortment of jewelry. Note as well what appear to be his obligatory pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, again pointlessly wearing headphones while sitting courtside at the most important basketball game yet this year. Although these ‘phones weren’t diamond studded, (, Weezy managed to make his courtside return in style (left).

Because he got a ticket beforehand this time, Wayne was not prompted to publish another tweet like this…

wayne tweet 300x113 Lil Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil' Wayne's tweet after his denied entry to the Thunder Conference Finals

Lil’ Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., is no stranger to controversy. Wayne has been arrested three times for various charges most of which have involved some kind of drug charge. A noted user of marijuana, Lil’ Wayne served eight months of a year-long sentence in 2010 following his 2007 arrest in New York. Police stopped him on July 22nd, 2007 when, after a concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre, they found him smoking pot outside the his tour bus, which they then searched, uncovering a handgun which landed Lil’ Wayne with an illegal possession charge and a year of jail time. The highly publicized sentence, which he served at Riker’s Island, prompted the famous “Free Weezy” mantra as he became a bit of a cult hero in prison, despite his incontrovertible conviction.

Lil’ Wayne has also constantly made headlines for his extravagant fashion statements. Often mixing skate culture brands like Spitfire or Vans with high-end fashion lines like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, Weezy’s outfits are as ridiculous as they are entertaining. For example, here’s a picture from earlier this year in which he wore snowboard boots to a Lakers game (from…

wayne snowboard boots 248x300 Lil Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil' Wayne and his Vans snowboard boots at a Lakers game earlier this year

…and one from a concert in New York City where he combined the Air Jordan “Son of Mars” shoes with a leopard-print pajama/tracksuit (from

wayne tracksuit Lil Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil' Wayne and the Jordan "Son of Mars" at a concert in New York

It’s also noteworthy how many of his fashion moments come at basketball games. Here’s one from Game 4 of this year’s Eastern Conference Finals (from where Wayne paired the Nike SB Mid “Mama Bears” with shorts and T-shirt from Billionaire Boys Club and checkerboard socks, with a Lakers hat to top it all off. Compared to some of his other outfits, this one, amazingly, seems quite normal.

lil wayne mama bears Lil Wayne Gets Into Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals, Swag Outfit Ensues

Lil' Wayne and the Nike SB "Mama Bears" at Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals


New York Fashion Week: More Athlete Appearences

So, everyone knows the pleasure of New York Fashion Week, and all that there is to offer. Amazing street style, new colors, crowded clubs and a congested Upper West Side. But, the street looks make it all worth it. Take a peak at February 2012, and how these athletes make a game out of appearances. It’s nice to see our sweaty superstars all gussied up.

You have to give it to them, the Giants sure know how to keep a Superbowl Win fresh in the public’s mind. And by public, I mean New York, naturally.

1386908061 300x206 New York Fashion Week: More Athlete Appearences

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz at New York Fashion Week. (second from right)

Victor, how we love your oh-so-uncharacteristic preppy look. You shine like a new penny.

Pictured with Bradley Cooper (stud, swag, all of the above); Tommy Hilfiger (take it or leave it) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight, enough said).

minka kelly and oscar de la renta pre fall 2012 coral crimped pleated dress gallery 199x300 New York Fashion Week: More Athlete Appearences

Minka Kelly at Oscar de la Renta, in OdlR.

FF kelly articleInline New York Fashion Week: More Athlete Appearences

Okay, so she’s not quite an athlete. But, she was the star of Friday Night Lights, and every guy, gay or straight, knows Tim Riggins is the epitome of SWAG. AND, she is back together with Derek Jeter. This clip from the New York Times is too funny to pass up. We love you, Minka!

“Minka Kelly,” said Sasha Charnin Morrison, the magazine’s fashion director.


“You know, Derek Jeter…”


“Charlie’s Angels?”


“Friday Night Lights.”


maria sharapova rodarte vera wang New York Fashion Week: More Athlete Appearences

Maria Sharapova, tennis and fashion femme.

Left: Vera Wang presentation, wearing a Carven top, rag & bone skirt and Jason Wu coat. Per usual, she is adorned with her sponsored Tag Heuer watch and just-not-cute Cole Haan shoes. Maria, where are your Tiffany earrings? If you’re going 2 for 3, you might as well finish it off.

Right: Rodarte runway show.


David Beckham and the Other Beckhams: New York Fashion Week

It’s New York Fashion Week, and what better to exemplify Sports and Style then a look at Victoria and David Beckham. Soccer star David Beckham is a nearly perfect specimen; an ideal representation of mankind when it comes to both appearance and athleticism. His marriage to Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Spice Girl-turned-Fashion Designer for luxe label, Victoria Beckham, is undeniably a gorgeous union, only sanctified by four adorable children.

On Sunday, Becks was spotted front row at Victoria’s runway show at the New York Public Library. With a fancy-schmancy camera in hand, his gorgeousness shat on every iPhone and Blackberry in the room. David said that everyone wants to be a photographer at one point or another; can’t argue with that. We’re glad you’ve got the goods to back it up. He next-seat neighbor, Anna Wintour, was an asexual stick in his presence. I’ll take British tats over Vogue tweed any day. C’mon Anna, take off the shades.

David+Beckham+at+Victorias+Fahsion+show David Beckham and the Other Beckhams: New York Fashion Week

00100m David Beckham and the Other Beckhams: New York Fashion Week

Victoria’s new line was much to be expected: sleek lines and tailored fits. The clothes wore the model, in the best way possible. Classic and sexy.

Becks strutted into the library in a dapper grey suit. If anyone knows the designer, please inform!

David+Beckham+and+daughter+Harper David Beckham and the Other Beckhams: New York Fashion Week

And could Harper Beckham be more adorable? Kids with swag. Enough said.

Side note, to carry on from my last post – Lin shot 38 points off of the Lakers. He killed it. Anyone who saw his slow take on Jared Jeffries knows what I’m talking about.

Jeremy Lin, the Knicks and the NBA: Absolute Linsanity!

This second post is just too easy. Jeremy Lin, you are killin’ it out there. When I first saw the headline in the New York Times on Monday, combining Ivy League and NBA, I scoffed. Typical Times, to make elitist plays off of American athletics. Clearly I was behind, and little did we all know of the LINSANITY to come.

Jeremy Lin, Harvard-grad, D-league alum was no more then Thanksgiving leftovers two days late. Cold potatoes and dry turkey on day-old rolls; a shadow of many, many delicious bites before that. So what happened? He was dropped, dropped again, and picked-up. Any Knicks fan, now I mean true Knicks fan, pre-Carmelo and pre-Amar’e, should be peeing their pants. With the Linsanity, has come chemistry. A much-needed anecdote to Superstar-itis.

Let’s talk about Lin style. American-born Chinese, first to play in the NBA and totally modest. What’s more humbling then $800,000 a year? Maybe if we cut all of the salaries… oh wait, that was tried. I love the fact that Lin knows he’s on a run, and he knows to take it slow. Game by game, play by play. Because once the big boys are back in, things are going to change. It’s important to keep a cool head.

Jeremy Lin Asia 103127079 620x350 Jeremy Lin, the Knicks and the NBA: Absolute Linsanity!

While the whole Linsanity phrase is a little lame, I am totally eating it up. I’ll be attending tonight’s Knicks vs. Lakers game, and I can’t wait to catch the vibe. Kobe dribbling the subhead, with Lin front page news? I’ll take it any day. There’s no style and swag like taking the spotlight from B-ball royalty, and not even flinching.

I want to know what my readers are thinking. Is Jeremy Lin a phase, or the real-deal? What will tonight prove, if he scores double-digits off King Kobe?


Sports and Style: First Game of the Season

Think of a penny: heads or tails? Well, I’ve got the homepage advantage, and we’re tackling them both: sports and style.

This blog for is the lady among men. You know, the girl who knows her stuff. The one the guys look at and say “Hmm, that’s impressive. I’m surprised you knew that,” after she mentions OSU’s Markel Brown and his ridiculously dirty dunk back in January. She understands that it’s always exciting when the defensive end intercepts a pass, but thinks it is absurd that they begin sucking down oxygen on the sideline after the 4-second play.

Believe it or not, boys, but style is at the heart of the game. Amar’e Stoudemire collaborates with Rachel Roy to design trend-based threads; Wisconsin’s Montee Ball would tap-dance his way into the end zone. Now, who’s got better style? In a nutshell:

sports and style

michigan fashion1 Sports and Style: First Game of the Season

The Fab Five rocked these game time black socks

After four years at a Big Ten University, and three years working in an Editorial Fashion Closet, I know this blog will take a swig from the secret fountain of pure inspiration. Given that the Super Bowl was last night, and March Madness is just on the horizon: let’s skip the coin toss and get goin’ with on-and-off the court looks.