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NCAA Update: Underdogs Rule Over Favs

Sports fans roared or gasped in shocked. Players thrust theirs arms in the air to celebrate victory. People always love a good Cinderella story, and this year’s NCAA March Madness has provided that in multiple games early on in the tourney. Some examples? Florida Gulf Coast University over San Diego State and Georgetown. Wichita State over Gonzaga. Cal over UNLV. You get the picture.

These underdogs have gone through a rags-to-riches run, and some of the teams have proven their worth dominating over successful basketball teams in just the first round. Sure, the fan favorites have proven their worth time and time, to earn their title as the possible winners. And of course, the media magnifies the publicity around it, even so much that the players get a little upper hand and shot to get drafted in the NBA.

However, it’s the underdogs such as Florida Gulf Coast University that has given the beautiful Cinderella story so far. While their opponents have been superior, but ultimately it’s the team’s chemistry, heart, and drive that allows them to claim the title as victors. And surely, fans keep wanting more to see little David beat mighty Goliath.

ncaa cinderella story march madness1 300x199 NCAA Update: Underdogs Rule Over Favs



The madness is everywhere. Even President Obama has joined in on the frenzy and has selected who he thinks will advance every round of the March Madness tournament.

From the looks of it, he has picked favorites such as Louisville, Duke, and Kansas to make it far in the tournament, with Indiana taking it all in the end. How does your bracket compare to the Commander-in-Chief.

 POTUS Vs. You

March Madness Begins: May the Odds Be Every in Your Favor.

Today marks the beginning of the March Madness tourney – one the most exciting time in sports, for all those who follow. With brackets filled and locked in now, people bet on who they think is going to advance in every round and most importantly, win it all. There are many teams that stand out and ruled out as favorites, but this tournament can always be unpredictable, as ‘Cinderella Story’ teams tend to pull surprising upsets.

Who do you think is going to win it all? Tell us your thoughts.

March Madness Bracket 2013 300x237 March Madness Begins: May the Odds Be Every in Your Favor.

College Basketball Drama – Post-Madness Madness Ensues

Just when we thought March Madness college basketball was over, and we could focus on the upcoming NBA play-offs, Bo Ryan emerged from the dust-ridden basketball courts, mud in hands.

For those who don’t know, Bo Ryan is the University of Wisconsin’s long-standing men’s college basketball coach. With a rep for an impeccable home game record and slow and steady game play, Ryan has led a positive career in the eyes of most NCAA sports and the Big Ten.

bo ryanx large College Basketball Drama   Post Madness Madness Ensues

For those who also are given an ear-ache by the Mike & Mike show, here is a quick re-cap. Wisconsin’s freshman red shirt Jarrod Uthoff wants a transfer. Bo Ryan draws up a list of 25 restricted schools for immediate transfer. Outside of the Big Ten, this includes Atlantic Coast conference schools, Iowa State and Marquette. Uthoff makes a scene, Ryan defends his actions, despite M & M’s (subjectivity noted) unorthodox and bias interview.

Bo Ryan: You play, you’re an athlete, you practice every day. Your players, your coaches work with someone in good faith. You’re in the trenches and you’re going to say, without any conversation, any time someone wants to leave a job, you have in your contract – a penalty if you leave your job.

So, like anything else, there’s two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, Bo Ryan, you’re not the first college basketball coach to restrict a player who wants a transfer. But you should know better. After all, Russel Wilson was red shirted for a year, and look what he did for Badger football.

As for Jarrod – it’s hard to calculate the level to which he fueled the fire, or the media. But it’s not good for any young athlete’s career to start making a fuss. These things follow you. Jarrod would not want his messy goodbye to carry him through the rest of his college basketball years and potentially into an NBA draft decision. This media storm will likely affect, or even limit, his string of transfer options, more so then they already are.

Mike & Mike, as journalists, we shouldn’t compare college with professional athletics, and our jobs as writers to athletes jobs as teammates. It’s poor style.

Final Four 2012: NCAA Men’s March Madness

After a whirlwind of your to-be-expected March, well, madness, the Final Four 2012 are in the for the killing. The blurry line between Sweet 16 and Elite 8 was sharpened by the loss of Wisconsin to 1 Syracuse, Syracuse to OSU. And, others like it: 1 Michigan State loses to Louisville, 1 North Carolina to Kansas — leaving only one front-runner left: Kentucky.

And here we have the Final Four 2012: Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas and Louisville. In all honesty, nobody remembers the Final Four four years later, let alone a season later. Regardless, its worth noting our game favorites and expectations, just to feel good about ourselves before the victor stumbles through.

Final Four s640x426 Final Four 2012: NCAA Mens March Madness

  1. Kentucky: Anthony Davis. Averaging 4 blocks, 15 points and 11 boards per tournament game. And that’s not to underestimate Deron Lamb, Darius Miller and Marquis Teague. Four of six Kentucky players averaging double-digit points this season. They’re too good.
  2. Ohio State: This team is tough, skilled and they have Jared Sullinger. The sophomore forward averages 18 points/ game and shoots 81 percent from the foul line.
  3. Kansas: With 39 rebounds against North Carolina, the Jayhawks should hope to pull off the same against Ohio State. This athletic, but inconsistent team, will need to compensate for a mediocre shooting percentage.
  4. Louisville:Their size and skill are not especially telling, but a strong defense can stand against the best. Look out for Peyton Siva, Russ Smith and Cardinals’ center Gorgui Dieng. He played for seven blocks and three steals against 1 Michigan State.
Tune in this weekend for the Final Four 2012 match-up. Predicted winners in bold.

No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 4 Louisville, New Orleans, LA

Saturday, March 31, 6:09 p.m., tip-off

No. 2 Kansas vs. No. 2 Ohio State, New Orleans, LA

Saturday, March 31, 8:49 p.m. tip-off

Sweet Sixteen – 2012 Bracket Chat

After a predictable first round and an appropriately mad second and third, we have at last reached the Sweet Sixteen.

To start, here is a list of this week’s match ups:

1 Kentucky vs 4 Indiana

3 Baylor vs 10 Xavier

1 MSU vs 4 Louisville

3 Marquette vs 7 Florida

1 Syracuse vs 4 Wisconsin

6 Cincinnati vs 2 Ohio State University

1 UNC vs 13 Ohio

11 North Carolina State vs 2 Kansas

Sweet Sixteen Key Trends

  • O-hi, Ohio! Where did you come from? With OSU, Ohio, Cincinnati and Xavier all in the Sweet 16, the state is naturally a front runner. From 2-seeds to 13-seed, we can only anticipate that all the Ohio-natives will cancel each other out.
  • Big Ten: Who’s hoping for a Sweet Sixteen sweep by the B10? Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin and OSU all have a running shot for the Final Four, let alone the Elite Eight.
  • Wisconsin had a serious opportunity to climb past 1-seed Syracuse. With best player Fab Melo out on academic probation, 4-seed Wisconsin may be able to prove their mobility.
  • Indiana might have the toughest game against Kentucky, who have proved nothing but ruthless over the past week.
  • Baylor: March Madness upset veterans. Always good for a pleasant surprise.
  • There are 3 1:4 seed match-ups. Let’s just say it’s the triumph of the underrated. Or perhaps bracket allocation should be re-considered.
    3.19Bracket Sweet Sixteen   2012 Bracket Chat

March Madness 2012: Name of the Year

SO, as March Madness kicked off to smooth sailing on its first day, I know we are thankful for the NOTY awards on this holiday. For those who don’t know: the Name of the Year Ballot is distributed each year on the first day of March Madness. Bill Simmons references the ballot as the “Best March Madness time waster.” This means, next time you’re watching Wisconsin kill Montana, take a second to allocate your NOTY picks.

notybracketgoodfinal 1 March Madness 2012: Name of the Year

After Syracuse pulled through in the second half, I decided to tune out of MM for the rest of the day. Instead, I focused on this bracket and below are my top picks:

  1. Nohjay Nimpson
  2. Lolita Respectnothing
  3. Hannukkah Wallace
  4. Starzanne Stripes
  5. Pamela Balls Organista


March Madness 2012 – Bracket Chat

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: March Madness 2012. That means brackets and basketball. With yesterday’s release of the 2012 NCAA Men’s Tourney bracket, and the first game on Thursday, there’s nothing to do but fill out a bracket and wait for the madness to ensue. (If Bracketology isn’t your favorite subject, then drop out of class now).

Now: a small disclaimer. My readers should know that as a Big Ten alum, I have no choice but to blog Big Ten-friendly. That’s not to say I won’t honestly comment on the progression of the tournament.

So, take a look at the Bracket, fill it out to your liking and let March Madness 2012 begin!

NCAA Mens bracket March Madness 2012   Bracket Chat

Fast Facts:


  • First rounds begin March 13
  • Second round: March 15-16
  • Third: March 17-18
  • Sweet 16: March 22-23
  • Elite Eight: March 24-25
  • Final Four: March 31
  • Champion: April 2

1 Seeds

  • Syracuse
  • Kentucky
  • UNC
  • Michigan State