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Amid All Controversy, Tiger Woods Shows Who’s Boss

His love life is blooming brightly again with Lindsey Vonn. It sure looks likeĀ Tiger Woods‘s game is back on, and he proved it after garnering an effortless victory for his 17th World Golf Championship win yesterday. After dealing with years of controversy and coming off from a mediocre year, he finally showed his original form at best.

Despite competing against a strong pool of opponents, Woods demonstrated full control of the game and didn’t allow his rivals to inch near him during the tournament. Even No.1 ranked Rory McIlroy looked fragile, finishing with only 65 points due to his faulty strokes that left him behind five golfers at the final tally. And because of these few errors, Woods prevailed over his rivals to prove his game and health was up to par this year.

He also didn’t allow the media’s critique over his personal life outshine his swing. Many people probably remember him for the public mishap with his ex-wife and the cheating scandal, and many thought that would have ended his career.

But with all that in the back burner, the spotlight has centered to what he was originally known for – being a top golfer. With this hard-earned victory, he is easing back to slowly obtaining the No. 1 ranking in the world. With the Masters tournament a mere month away from starting, many people favor Woods to win it.

In all of it, he exemplifies a fine example of someone who can dominate the negative musings of society and rise again to the very top, while many celebrities and world-famed athletes have previously succumbed to it.

tiger woods 252x300 Amid All Controversy, Tiger Woods Shows Whos Boss