March Means One Thing: Madness

It’s almost the conclusion of the NCAA basketball season, leaving teams making a final push for a coveted spot in the tourney bracket, also known as March Madness. And with a week until the tournament, these collegiate teams are sure to put in blood, sweat, and tears in every game and hope to win a title at the end of all of it.

A total of 68 teams will partake in the battle for the prestigious title of NCAA champion. As with any sport, there’s always a list of favorites and underdogs but any way can go; the tournament leading up to March Madness can be unpredictable because heavy weights have fallen during the regular season.

The Elite.

Top favorites include Georgetown Hoyas, California Golden Bears, and NC Tarheels, among the few who will finish off the year with a winning record. Despite some road bumps during the season, critics predict they will continue to strive and dominate in the tournament.

Crumble to Fall. The Syracuse Orange, Louisville Cardinals, and Miami Hurricanes were seen as strong contenders early into the season but after facing some woes and failures, these teams are predicted to make exits, even during the first round. The defense aspect of the teams has hindered them from from closing out basketball games.

The Surprising. A few teams, that are not even ranked, have been predicted to make headlines this year for their respective stellar performances throughout the year. Creighton Bluejays, Wichita State, and UNLV Rebels have made names for themselves amongst a competitive pool f teams.

The madness begins on Tuesday, March 19th and will last approximately two weeks, ending Monday, April 8th.

march madness 2013 March Means One Thing: Madness

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