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Nike Ever Present as Prince is Crowned King

 Nike Ever Present as Prince is Crowned King

Prince Fielder won the 2012 MLB Home Run Derby last night, launching a record-tying 12 bombs in his final round.



2012 Home Run Derby

Prince Fielder

It was perhaps fitting that Prince Fielder won last night’s MLB Home Run Derby wearing the sparkling, new Nike “King of the Diamond” pack Air Max MVP Elite Nike cleats. Part of the King of the Diamond pack which also included a Lunar TR1 Trainer and special edition Home Run Derby batting gloves, the gold cleats symbolized the supremacy of eight of the games greatest and emerging hitters. While not everybody donned the gold cleats (see Mark Trumbo, Jose Bautista), suffice it to say that Nike hit it out of the park with this new All Star Game pack. Nike followed up on their 2010 All Star Game Pack featuring an Orange Air Max Diamond Elite cleat ( with the 2011 Home Run Derby edition Huarache 2KFresh cleats ( This year marked the third year with a flashy cleat release for MLB All Stars.

Fielder, with 12 bombs in the final round (to best Bautista’s 7) finished last night with a total of 28 in the three rounds to become the second player in history to win multiple Derbies, one behind Ken Griffey Jr.’s three. Fielder tied a finals record with his 12 (a mark set last year by Yankees’ second baseman Robinson Cano) and became the only player to win a Derby while representing both leagues (the AL this year and the NL, as a Brewer, when he won in 2009).

 Nike Ever Present as Prince is Crowned King

Jose Bautista and his Reebok cleats. Courtesy

Jose Bautista

Mark TrumboAngels
Jose Bautista came out strong in the first round, leading the pack with 11 but faltered in the second, advancing to the finals only after a “swing-off” with the Angels’ young slugger Mark Trumbo. Bautista looked good in the swing-off needing only his first two swings to advance as he sent rockets out into the left field seats but he looked sluggish (no pun intended) in the finals, failing to match the intensity of Fielder, who routinely put balls onto the fountains, drilling shots over 450 feet. One of the most exciting outcomes of last night’s Derby however, did not even come in the finals. Mark Trumbo arrived on the scene hitting absolute bombs and his performance demonstrated the impact of his presence in the game. This was especially nice to see in the face of the incredibly rude Kansas City fans who booed him (along with AL Captain Cano, who had a whopping total of 0 homeruns in his first and only round), because Trumbo was taken by Cano instead of hometown hero Billy Butler. I for one, was extremely glad to see Trumbo there asserting himself as the All Star he was chosen to be.

 Nike Ever Present as Prince is Crowned King

Mark Trumbo impressed with 14 homers over 2+ rounds

Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

US Sprinters Justin Gatlin and Allyson Felix demo the new track unis (photo from Nike)



2012 Summer Olympics

Track and Field

With the 2012 London Olympics rapidly approaching, the world’s most successful sportswear company is at it again. Nike unveiled their official uniforms for American athletes of various disciplines last month and I for one am a huge fan. ( With these sleek get-ups, Nike has combined the perfect amount of minimalist athletic design with an appealing infusion of their regular flashy materials and patterns. If points were given for appearance in the Olympics, the Americans would score solid 10.0’s all the way. Not only are these new track uniforms (officially called the Pro TurboSpeed suit) incredibly flashy but they will reportedly cut milliseconds (which can be the difference between medalling or not medalling) off US times. With the release of the official 2012 US uniforms, its time to countdown the best US olympics style moments in history…

#5 Shaun White, 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver

 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

White celebrating on the podium

In a revolutionary collaboration with the skate company Burton,    White and his fellow US snowboarders came out with the perfect look, one that combined the necessary elements of patriotic representation of our nation’s flag and the style of clothing native to snowboarders. It helped that White absolutely obliterated the competition as well.



See White’s championship run amongst the entire competition (which featured impressive get-ups from practically every nation participating) here……Skip to 58:30 minutes for White’s final run and the ensuing trophy presentation.


#4 Jackie Joyner-Kersee / Florence Griffth-Joyner 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul

joyner1 150x150 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

Florence Griffth-Joyner

kerseee 41 150x150 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Two of the greatest American female track  and field stars, the many-time gold medalists looked dashing as they raced their ways to medals in the heptathlon (Kersee) and set records in the 100m (Joyner). The uniforms looked bold and stylish, with the red base accented nicely by the white border and stars down the sides. Kersee was on-hand for the 2012 unveilings as well.

See them in action here:



#3 Lindsey Vonn, 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver

 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

Vonn mid-race

Vonn thankfully lived up to much of the hype surrounding her 2010 Olympics performance, taking home a gold and bronze and continuing her dominance in ski world championships. She also made a huge splash in the February 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit addition and also she wasn’t in a bikini for the ski race, she still managed to crush it with this sleek getup from winter gear company Spyder.


#2 The “Dream Team” US Men’s Basketball, 1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona

1992 dream team 2 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released

The '92 Squad in their home white jerseys

Although Nike unveiled new basketball uniforms for the 2012 team, a proclaimed dream team in their own right, the original team takes the cake, with Champion uniforms that epitomized the street styles of athletic world of the early 1990s. It helped that they happened to win gold.

#1 Jesse Owens, 1936 Summer Olympics, Berlin

jesse owens 3 Nike 2012 Summer Olympics United States Uniforms Released



Practically anything that Jesse Owens had worn would have made #1 on this list because of the significance of his competing and his victories. In front of Hitler and all that the Nazis stood for, Owens won four gold medals and cemented his place as an immortal US athlete and one of the greatest runners in history. His uniform did him justice, with its USA logo placed directly above his heart.