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College Basketball Drama – Post-Madness Madness Ensues

Just when we thought March Madness college basketball was over, and we could focus on the upcoming NBA play-offs, Bo Ryan emerged from the dust-ridden basketball courts, mud in hands.

For those who don’t know, Bo Ryan is the University of Wisconsin’s long-standing men’s college basketball coach. With a rep for an impeccable home game record and slow and steady game play, Ryan has led a positive career in the eyes of most NCAA sports and the Big Ten.

bo ryanx large College Basketball Drama   Post Madness Madness Ensues

For those who also are given an ear-ache by the Mike & Mike show, here is a quick re-cap. Wisconsin’s freshman red shirt Jarrod Uthoff wants a transfer. Bo Ryan draws up a list of 25 restricted schools for immediate transfer. Outside of the Big Ten, this includes Atlantic Coast conference schools, Iowa State and Marquette. Uthoff makes a scene, Ryan defends his actions, despite M & M’s (subjectivity noted) unorthodox and bias interview.

Bo Ryan: You play, you’re an athlete, you practice every day. Your players, your coaches work with someone in good faith. You’re in the trenches and you’re going to say, without any conversation, any time someone wants to leave a job, you have in your contract – a penalty if you leave your job.

So, like anything else, there’s two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, Bo Ryan, you’re not the first college basketball coach to restrict a player who wants a transfer. But you should know better. After all, Russel Wilson was red shirted for a year, and look what he did for Badger football.

As for Jarrod – it’s hard to calculate the level to which he fueled the fire, or the media. But it’s not good for any young athlete’s career to start making a fuss. These things follow you. Jarrod would not want his messy goodbye to carry him through the rest of his college basketball years and potentially into an NBA draft decision. This media storm will likely affect, or even limit, his string of transfer options, more so then they already are.

Mike & Mike, as journalists, we shouldn’t compare college with professional athletics, and our jobs as writers to athletes jobs as teammates. It’s poor style.